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Risk of secession in the USA: what's at stake for French wines and spirits?

Jan 25, 2024

The US market is under particular scrutiny by French wine and spirits professionals, who are hoping for a rebound in sales at the end of the year...

How has the Technics SL 1200 contributed to the success of Spirits Valley spirits and liqueurs?

August 14, 2023

The Technics SL 1200 vinyl turntable: the essential tool for the emergence of hip-hop and electronic cultures.
Before the club culture emerged with disco in the mid-70s thanks to the ...

Distilleries & winegrowers: make the most of your dormant material stocks by selling unused bottles, corks or neutral cases!

02 June 2021

Supply chain challenges: how to combat supply tensions and rising material costs?

We are in a situation of both business recovery and economic recovery.

Wanted ! What happened to the Remy V by Remy Martin?

06 Apr 2021

I) A launch that makes a mark (2010)
In August 2010, the House of Remy Martin announced the launch of a new product called Remy Martin V, designed to compete with vodka and gin.

Changing filling standards for spirits in the USA: towards a 700ml Vs 750ml match to conquer the shelves?

10 Jan 2021

The 70cl and 750ml formats are at the heart of the debate.
How many times have we regretted the lack of harmonization of the US and European formats at the time of development?

When the 'old school' becomes attractive again: who can rekindle the flame of the 'brûlot charentais'?

16 Nov 2020

The 'old school Charentais', an untapped treasure?
When we talk about the typical products of the 'deep Charente', we think first of all of the Charentaise, pineau, cognac and lastly of the Charentaise ...

When the Baijiu will awaken: what an opportunity for France and the Spirits Valley?

21 Oct 2020

Why is the Baijiu still moping on our bar shelves?
Over the last ten years or so, attempts to market baijiu internationally have generally resulted in some...

Sensory marketing and artistic strategy: analysis of the 'Tequila Sunrise' bottle from the hip hop group Cypress Hill.

11 Oct 2020

1/ When marketing and artistic strategies intersect to create an iconic song.

"Allways be aware of what's around you
They wanna down you, and fuckin' clown you
Keep your shit in order...

Business Resilience: Inner Circle, an example of situational intelligence from the music industry.

06 Oct 2020

Luck factor or resilience?
Inner Circle is a reggae band formed in 1968 by brothers Roger & Ian Lewis, joined by Touter Harvey in 1976. I have had the honour of working with them in the past...

Bold sensorial marketing: can we create limited editions of spirits bearing the effigy of hotel and restaurant brands to enhance the customer experience?

30 Sep 2020


The major hotel and restaurant chains have contracts with alcohol groups .

Limited editions of spirits for ready-made clothes : the next big thing in sensorial marketing?

23 Sep 2020

The importance of strong pieces and accessories in ready-to-wear.

Ready-to-wear brands often communicate about strong parts and accessories. The strong parts of your wardrobe ...

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Risk of secession in the USA: what's at stake for French wines and spirits?

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