Spirits development

Bernadet special report: social innovation and resilience as values.

30 Sep 2021

As a specialist in glass decoration, Bernadet is at the heart of the supply tensions encountered by the packaging industry in 2021. Uncertainties concerning the delivery of...

The spirit development mind map is unveiled.

02 Feb 2021

The difficulty of entering the world of spirits in 2021.
Spirits development mapping is a new tool made available to start-ups and young entrepreneurs .

Fine Bordeaux: the most cognaçaise of wine brandies (after cognac) ?

04 Jan 2021

Armagnac, cognac and fine bordeaux: Aquitaine brandy as a common ancestor.

Created in 1974, fine Bordeaux becomes a Geographical Indication on 15 January 2015. Situated between Armagnac and Cognac, ...

Ethyl carbamate and spirits dossier: what solutions for rum and cachaça exports?

30 Nov 2020

Selective memory problem?
The boom in the rum market over the last few years is the result of ingenious marketing creation actions: brut de fût, old vintage...

Logistical challenges and coherence of the territory: how far does the Spirits Valley extend?

10 Nov 2020

Where does the Spirits Valley begin?
From a geographical point of view, the Spirits Valley is above all a reference to the Charente valley, which for many centuries was a means of communication ...

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