My job and experience is project management but also artistic & marketing strategy.

First of all in the world of music: I created the most important show of the summer of 2013 in France with Inner Circle, a Miami-based group, operator of the biggest hip-hop studios on the East Coast and winner of a Grammy Award in 1994. On this occasion, I associated it with the young artist Addis Pablo, whose first big international stage was a show called 'Tribute To Jacob Miller', named after the former singer of the group who died in 1980.

The aim is to reinvigorate the veteran band's career in Europe and to boost the career of this young artist around a key event.

Why did you associate these particular artists?

For Inner Circle worked with Addis Swaby's father, a renowned Jamaican musician and producer: Augustus Pablo. It was Inner Circle's singer Jacob Miller (1954-1980) who introduced his friend Augustus Pablo to the group. Although all of them were involved in the reggae scene, they belonged to two different currents: roots reggae for Augustus Pablo and reggae society for Inner Circle, who were used to playing for tourists at the edge of hotel swimming pools.

From this collaboration was born an album that built a bridge between these different genres: 'Ital Dub' in 1974, a best seller in the world of dub music. Inner Circle then promoted its singer Jacob Miller, who went on to become one of the most recognized reggae artists, thanks in large part to the professionalism of the group and the influence of Augustus Pablo on the young singer.

Hence the importance of understanding the issues at stake but also of having a thorough knowledge of the history of an artist, a brand or a product in order to deploy a coherent strategy.


Inner Circle feat Addis Pablo at Garance Festival 2013 for the Tribute To Jacob Miller concert
Suns Of Dub (Ras Jammy & Addis Pablo) at the Reggae Sun Ska Festival 2013


Today I use my artistic intuitions in marketing strategy development and event planning, content creation and writing articles and biographies to showcase your company and products.

Because marketing is meaningless if you don't have a minimum of artistic fibre.


Realization & referencing Simplébo


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