Jérôme Savoye

Project Management Consultant

We ensure the development of your spirits and tailor-made services to the Spirits Valley companies.


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Are you a company in the Spirits Valley or based abroad with specific needs in terms of organisation and human resources?

Benefit from the support of a true 'Swiss army knife' of spirits. to carry out quality controls, order and production follow-up, packaging development, writing articles (contents, biographies...) or problem solving in order to improve your performance and free you up for other value-creating actions.


You are also an entrepreneur, artist, professional sportsman with the desire to develop a spirit or a drink in your image but you feel limited in the conduct of your project? 

Are you short of time because you are already busy with another main activity and expertise is lacking?

Are you suffocated by the amount of information to be analyzed and you encounter blockages that compromise its development?

Well, the good news is the creation of synergy can act as a catalyst and prevent the risk of wasting resources.



Working together hand in hand on your project. You benefit from a continuous listening and a source of proposals / reactive solutions to carry out the development of your spirits, products and services.

We monitor the development stages of your product in consultation with the stakeholders in your project (suppliers and service providers).


In the meantime, focus calmly on your marketing success.

Our support


Entrust us with some or all of the development and production of your beverages and spirits to preserve your most precious resources: time and budget.

We produce limited editions in your image, craft spirits or on an industrial scale.


Concentrate serenely on your business!

We take care of the most demanding and time-consuming areas of your business by providing support in logistics, quality control, material referencing, packaging development, production monitoring, problem solving and many other services....


From writing an artist biography to realizing the product value proposition.

Take advantage of our analytical skills and artistic and marketing intuitions to develop events, sensorial marketing. or write customised articles to present your products and services.

Coach development & creation of spirits

I ensure optimal project management for Spirits Valley companies for the successful marketing of your services and spirits.

You have a project under study or in progress and you wish to discuss about it around a strategic call?

Realization & referencing Simplébo


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