Since 2013 I support start-ups in the creation and development of spirits, keeping in mind that they require special attention.. Because, unlike established companies, they go through their own development phases, namely problem/solution matching, product/market matching and capitalization.

But the resources available to them are limited. This is why My Spirit Factory intervenes with the main objective of preventing the loss of time and money.

How do we do it? By coordinating actions with all project stakeholders - customers and suppliers alike - to create a genuine value chain. And above all, by sharing a common goal: the successful marketing of your product!


Here's the M.O:


Phase 1 setting up the supply chain: research and evaluation of materials, request for quotations and samples, calculation of quantities and costs, opening of customer accounts.

Phase 2 production set-up : ordering, validation of proofs, manufacturing and delivery follow-up, coordination with stakeholders, testing and implementation of batch 1 production.



In detail, it is possible to select the actions to be deployed according to your needs:


1/ Creation of recipe and specifications (in collaboration with an engineer)

2/ Research and selection of raw materials: alcohol, ingredients...

3/ Research and selection of dry materials: bottle, cap, capsule, labels, bottle decoration, packaging...

3/ Production: alcohol preparation, bottling, logistics (co-packing, storage, order preparation)

4/ Quality: quality control, conducting oven tests (label resistance to humidity, pop-up cork resistance) and international transport on vibrating table.

5/ Graphic design: interface with graphic designer and communication / marketing agency for the creation of exploitable files for the realization of the sets.

6/ Development: importer/distributor research, COLA (USA) support, events, sensory marketing...



Start-up or established companies, come and take advantage of our reactivity of intervention and our agility!

Realization & referencing Simplébo


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