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"We craft our gin for happiness and conviviality, sharing amongst friends and family. "

Gin D'Azur is a new ultra premium brand created by El Sol Profundo.

This gin is a true homage to the French Riviera and contains all that its iconic landscapes have to offer: sunshine, salinity, scents of garrigue and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea that reveals itself at the bend in a coastal path. Not forgetting the azure blue sky that gives the name to this fabulous bottle.

Launching in December 2019 in the UK, there are new challenges ahead in the coming months with the launches of the US 750ml and miniature 5cl formats. You will definitely hear about Gin D'Azur!

Details of the assignment (2019-2023): monitoring of purchases and material deliveries, coordination with suppliers/providers and the graphics agency (label creation), production set-up and labeling/capping tests.

Distillerie Merlet & Fils

"Liqueurs & Spirits

Nestled in the remarkable village of Saint-Sauvant, the Merlet Distillery, founded in 1850, also has operating sites (bottling and cellars) spread across the Fins-Bois and Borderies crus, between Cognac and Saintes.

The particularity of Distillerie Merlet is its expertise in both liqueurs and spirits and in wines. With 5 million bottles produced per year, its know-how concerns both limited edition crafts and those intended for mass distribution.

Mission details (2020-2023): packaging development (cases, boxes, labels, collars, coupons), proof-reading, material quality control, implementation of transport tests.



Spartan Power is an energetic fruit juice created jointly by the chef of footballers Michael Coston and the nutritionist of AS Monaco Juan Morillas. The aim is to help professional sportsmen and women to improve and maintain their performance.
Antioxidant, this 100% natural drink brings you all the energy you need during your physical efforts thanks to its panel of vitamins and minerals. It also helps to reduce muscle recovery time.
Spartiate Power uses the HPP cold pasteurization technology, which is little known in France, and which consists of applying a pressure of 6000 atmospheres and preserves all the vitamins while ensuring a shelf life of 45 days!

Details of the mission (2020-2021): Search for suppliers and service providers, production development, entrepreneurial support.

Bastille Day


Bastille Day is a Parisian company run by Paul Berkmann since its creation in 2015, with the aim of shaking up the vodka codes thanks to Guillotine. Its vision is to offer both a luxurious spirit made from champagne grapes and a revolutionary attitude deployed through elaborate packaging and references to the French revolution. Innovation is also in evidence with a version aged in oak barrels called Guillotine Héritage.

Guillotine vodka will be available from the end of 2016, followed by Guillotine X Petrossian caviar vodka in 2018.

Today, the most audacious of the "French vodka" continues its conquest of the United States.

Details of the mission (2016-2018): monitoring of material purchases and deliveries, production monitoring, coordination between suppliers and service providers.




After the success of the Madeira O Rezinho rum range, Olivier Migon (the founder of the Rhum Attitude website) and Nicolas Guého (from the blog Coeur de Chauffe) are bottling for the first time a rum distilled in Martinique but not having the Martinique AOC label.

Distilled since the end of the 19th century on an island that usually excels in agricultural rum, the Bay of Galleon rum is the heir to a tradition of old-fashioned molasses fermentation, for maximum concentration and delicacy. It is usually used in pastry making.

With only 270 copies, this is an ultra limited edition.

Details of the mission (2018) : Research of a service provider (alcohol preparation, bottling and storage), selection of materials (bottle, cork), tests (labelling and pop-up of the cork in order to validate its resistance to 60% alcohol), production follow-up.

Realization & referencing Simplébo


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