The spirit development mind map is unveiled.

Feb 02, 2021 My Spirit Factory Spirits development

The difficulty of entering the world of spirits in 2021.

Spirits development mapping is a new tool available to start-ups and young entrepreneurs. It comes at a complicated time for those who want to undertake and create new products. More than ever, it is necessary to avoid certain pitfalls because projects fail, even in times of crisis! But the resources available are limited...

It also allows you to visualize the different stages of production at a glance and to consider all the operations as part of the product itself.


Map to download from the My Spirit Factory homepage


This whole constitutes the product value chain and is divided into 13 sections. Undeniably, there is a hierarchy in the importance of each section. Firstly, it is a question of taking into account that new businesses have specific characteristics and that the main risk is that the development time curve will cross that of the limited resources available (Section I). Hence the importance of not prolonging development beyond what is bearable and of avoiding any effect of time 'slippage'.

The other critical point to face from the start of the project is distribution. (section XIII). This is where the viability of everything that is undertaken upstream lies, regardless of whether we are a start-up or an established company.

Operating instructions: there are no rules!

We are used to looking at a document built in a circular clockwise direction. In the case of our mind-map, there is no convention and we can even go back to the previous steps. The objective is to embrace all the elements that make up the product and not just to go back to the document step by step like a to do list.

Because it is not uncommon to modify an already validated point in the light of new data and the repercussions can be global. So there is no common sense in reading but common sense in action!



However, there is a certain logic in the way the elements are arranged. For example, it is necessary to validate the bottle and the cap to build the shipping crate or the packaging.

Go to Facebook for a series of posts with expert speakers to analyze the mapping in detail.

Thus each section will be dissected on the facebook page of My Spirit Factory with one post per week and interventions of specialists with whom you will be able to interact.. The idea is to create a community of young entrepreneurs in the spirits industry... and to exchange solutions or information that will enable progress to be made in terms of recipes, ageing, packaging or distilleries.

Link to the facebook page here :

The cartography is likely to be modified or improved thanks to your help so it will be updated regularly. You can freely download it in PDF format on our homepage.





Contact us for any development of spirits, packaging and tailor-made services for your company (organisational support, pack development, quality control, drafting of product sheets, etc.).


Start-ups and entrepreneurs can download a free PDF of the spirit development mind map on our homepage here :


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